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Our products are produced from PHBA (Para Hydroxy Benzoic Acid) manufactured “in-house” by us only. PHBA is manufactured from Phenol using a unique process designed by us. We take extreme care to ensure that our PHBA is completely and absolutely free from Salicyclic Acid. The presence of Salicyclic Acid gives Parabens an undesired foreign odor which in turn affects the efficacy of the end-product cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Impurity of PHBA in our Parabens is generally “Non Detectable” and rarely 0.1% maximum as against the accepted Pharmacopoeia limit of 0.5% by TLC. Presence of PHBA in Parabens not only causes skin rashes in cosmetics but also deteriorates pharmaceutical formulations. The residual solvents in our parabens are far below (<100 ppm) the levels accepted by ICH Guidelines. Our Parabens are free from Organic Volatile Impurities (OVI) like Benzene, Chloroform, 1,4 – Dioxane, Methylene Chloride, Trichloroethylene which are carcinogenic and if present in parabens, render such parabens unfit for use in cosmetic preparations & pharmaceutical formulations.

More about Parabens:

Parabens are a group of chemical compounds which are widely used as preservatives, especially in cosmetics. In addition to being used in cosmetics, parabens are also utilized by the pharmaceutical industry, and they sometimes appear as food preservatives as well.

These chemicals are esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. Esters are defined as chemical compounds in which an acid molecule has bonded with an alcohol molecule, displacing a water molecule. Some parabens actually appear in nature, generated by plants as a way of defending themselves from fungal and bacterial invaders. The parabens used commercially are typically generated synthetically, ensuring that the products remain consistent, so that companies can be assured that they will work.

Typically, the concentration of parabens in cosmetics is very low, often less than 1%. A mixture of parabens may be used to create the best preservative effect, ensuring that molds, fungi, bacteria, and other unwanted visitors will not contaminate a product. It is also possible to use naturally derived preservatives, such as grape seed extract, but many of these substances have not been fully tested for efficacy, raising concerns about the safety and shelf life of products preserved with these substances. Concentrations of parabens in other products, like foods and pharmaceuticals, are similarly quite low.

Why Rasula?

Rasula emphasizes on Quality and has elevated production of Parabens without sacrificing on Cost or Time to Market.

  1. In-Built Quality
  2. Timely delivery of Products
  3. Technology Leadership
  4. Cost Competitiveness
  5. Superlative Customer Service