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India Office:

F-8, Phase II, IDA Kukatpally,
Balanagar Township P.O.
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,
India - 500037

Tel: +91 40 2377 1063/4210/4064

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We manufacture high-quality parabens in India and export around the world

Rasula is an enterprise that has in a very short span established itself as one of the most reliable manufacturers of High Quality Parabens in India and one of the leading producers of high quality Parabens in the world. Such core competence is the very crux of the company which endeavors to raise global standards of production. We wish to be a global enterprise in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals field without compromising on our concern for the environment. Eco-friendly practices are the primary focus while designing product pipeline and company practices, committed as we are to principles of sustainable production. Economy, ecology and social responsibility are of equal importance in our corporate policy.

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Why Rasula?

Rasula emphasizes on Quality and has elevated production of Parabens without sacrificing on Cost or Time to Market.

  1. In-Built Quality
  2. Timely delivery of Products
  3. Technology Leadership
  4. Cost Competitiveness
  5. Superlative Customer Service