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F-8, Phase II, IDA Kukatpally,
Balanagar Township P.O.
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,
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Established in 1985, Rasula Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of Parabens and their salts in India. Rasula Parabens and their sodium salts are ideal preservatives for Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Food. We produce para Hydroxy Benzoic acid from Phenol which is the principal raw material for Parabens and salts. While following all GMP manufacturing standards, we also follow eco-friendly process by recovering by-products and un-reacted chemicals at each stage without having any sort of emission of solvent vapours/gasses.

Rasula is an enterprise that has established itself as the most reliable manufacturers of high quality Parabens in the world. Such core competence is the very crux of the company which endeavors to raise global standards of production. We wish to be a global enterprise in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals field without compromising on our concern for the environment. Eco-friendly practises are the primary focus while designing product pipeline and company practises, committed as we are to principles of sustainable production. Economy, ecology and social responsibility are of equal importance in our corporate policy.

Mission Statement

Rasula aims to benefit people and improve the essential quality of life as a socially and ethically responsible corporate citizen – ensuring the environment also remains hale and hearty. In the twenty years since our founding, we have cemented our place in the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industry as the preferred manufacturer of exceedingly high quality parabens.

Corporate Social Responsibilty

We care not only for our own workforce and the team here at Rasula, but we believe that our efforts must echo in the echelons of society, and percolate down to the grassroots if we are to see progress and growth. This has been possible due to our highly skilled workforce and making Quality the underlying foundation in whatever we do. Not one to rest on our laurels, our R&D team is at work constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve not only the quality of our products but the very fabric of life.

Quality Manufacturing

Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are designed to be compliant to the new Schedule M and follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) Regulations prescribed by the US FDA, with annual capacities exceeding 1000 MT. As you can see we let the numbers do the talking. We are based in the historic and scenic city of Hyderabad, India famed in recent years for its extensive infrastructure and eco-system supporting the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry. Our customers are located all across the globe including the USA, Europe, Japan, Canada and South America.

Why Rasula?

Rasula emphasizes on Quality and has elevated production of Parabens without sacrificing on Cost or Time to Market.

  1. In-Built Quality
  2. Timely delivery of Products
  3. Technology Leadership
  4. Cost Competitiveness
  5. Superlative Customer Service